Monday, April 21, 2008

Virgin drinks

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Okay so there is no alcohol in these, but it still spells P A R T Y!

The two tone smoothie on the red tray is a strawberry coconut milk mixture and the other side, a mango coconut mixture. Blend 1 cup of mango pulp with a half cup of coconut cream and a half cup of pineapple juice. Do the same with 1 cup of fresh strawberries but strain this mixture to get rid of seeds and then follow the same procedure as for the mango part of the drink. For the orange drink , mix 1 cup of frozen lillikoi that has been defrosted , half a cup of Australian ginger beer and half cup of seltzer. The red drink is 1 cup of Pom( pomegranate juice and quarter to a half cup of seltzer. Click on my older link below for the Alpine smoothie.

click here for more virgin drinks!

and here for cool garnishes for fruity virgin iced teas!

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