Monday, March 10, 2008

Goats milk and honey soap

"Goats milk and honey" bar is my favorite soap because I love the oats which does double duty ie: it exfoliates and makes the skin soft. This bar is loaded with shea butter, cocoa butter, honey, almond oil and goats milk.

Did Cleopatra really bathe in milk?



Joanne said...


Thank you for making the soap for me. I totally appreciate your hard work. I love your soap.


Patricia Hansen said...

Hi Nazarina.........I love my soap, but then you knew that. My daughter loves your soap, too. I don't know how anybody could live without Oatmeal and Almond.

Also, we love your beautiful new Shell Soap. What is the fragrance of that one? It's great.

Come and see me. I am working for Engle Homes at C470 and Kipling. They are building gorgeous condominiums just south of C470 on Kipling. I have three furnished models, and they are really a wow!

I love my new job. It is keeping me hopping!

I'm off Monday and Tuesday, but I'm there all the rest of the week except for Corporate meetings on Friday morning.

See you soon........Patricia