Monday, August 25, 2008

Fire & ice

There was indeed a very warm reception to this
extremely cold treat!

"Feelin a little flat ladies?" have a push-up!

Summer is almost over and then we shall have to say goodbye to those gorgeous icy treats. On the other hand I do occasionally enjoy an ice cream bar after a long day on the slopes!
A client asked me to cater their little girl's birthday party but they did not want cake in this 100 degree weather, so I decided to retrieve all those unused molds that I thought I would never have a use for and made these whimsical sherbet treats and instead of the regular birthday candles, I made these candles that look just like the frozen sherbet treats. Both children and adults were so taken with this idea that I do not know with what they had the most fun, blowing out the "candles" or enjoying the treats! I was so amused at the mothers because they were really into those push-ups ha! ha! ! Even the cashier at the dollar store was curious to know what I was going to do with 30 of these little buckets . I think I pretty much bought all the buckets they had in the store!

Anyway if you want to make these treats instead of cake, you will need: sherbet ice cream( different colors), Gatorade, any type of whimsical mold and ice pop sticks. To obtain the effect that I have in the picture just layer the sherbet and the Gatorade allowing 2 hrs of freezing time between each layer and voila! you should have the cutest ice pops. The Gatorade is the first layer and then position the stick in the second layer (sherbet layer) which has to set for about 20 mins. By this time it should be partially frozen and you will be able to secure the stick, then freeze again for the remainder of the 2 hrs. After this just pour your alternating colors and freeze for 2 hrs after each addition. I only used the Gatorade in the first layer which is in the bottom of the mold. To unmold, just hold the mold in lukewarm water and pull out very gingerly.

Have fun or just come and get me to help!
How did I fare on this post? Comments welcome!


Reeni said...

Hi Nazarina, The ice pops look so delicious and refreshing. I love the candle idea, very cute! You have the greatest ideas, I can see why this was a hit!

Karen M said...


Thank you so very much for making my little girl's ice cream party a huge success.The kids and the adults fell in love with you and the icy treats. You forgot your ice cooler though! Now many of my friends want to hire you for their up coming special occasions !

Karen M

Michele said...

The candles are adorable! What a fresh idea. Thanks so very much for stopping by my site and for your great comment. :-)

Carla said...

That is actually a really great idea to serve those instead of cake! Brilliant thinking :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for stopping by!!! The wonderful things you are doing with ice- you had me at "freezer pop" hehehe