Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sunflower sprouts, pine nuts, roasted tomatoes, dried fruits & a sour fig dressing.

This sour fig dressing is actually the star of this dish!
See the ingredient list & "how to" here
@ www.giddygastronome.com

The sour figs are from South Africa! recipe here

Pine nuts should be toasted, tomatoes should be roasted.....etc


This is our old guest bathroom, I can assure you that it
was"dislike" at first sight.....
see the complete new transformation done by my Sweetie

here www.giddygastronome.com

I love making soaps for kids & I really do not mind
when they take them home!

Thank you,

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pina colada thumbprints, Easter & sea soaps & more!

click on picture

Dessicated coconut rocks & the occasional pure-white
coconut flesh toasts perfectly into a delicious toasted

These Easter soaps were a cumbersome project but
what can I say, perseverance prevails every time!

More here

Soaps that make munchkins want to live in the bathroom!

These molds for the sea creatures above and terrestrial "monsters"
below were not meant for soap but I used them anyway!

I love the unexpected twists & turns in this recipe, it made the diners at this baby shower wish for more! They all wanted to know how I achieved this delicately balanced recipe & not sweet at all! What can I say freeze dried fruit does wonders!

Summer is here & I am stagnant no more!

I made the cookies & the soaps for a friend's baby shower www.giddygastronome.com....more here