Monday, April 21, 2008

A facelift.....even Joan Rivers would be proud of: Black bean shrimp

Ostentatiously Oriental!

Black bean sauce and Mrs Balls bladjang shrimp with a sambal oelek, red bell pepper chutney on the side.
This is ostentatiously oriental! I have deviated a little from the norm. The ingredients are shallots, sesame oil, roasted red bell pepper seeds and my special spice mix, tangerine juice, chopped red bells, cilantro, Mrs Balls bladjang and then of course your usual suspects like fermented black bean sauce, tamari etc... First sautee the baby bok choi ( 5 mins) then the shrimp in the sauce ( fond) that is the little bits in the bottom of the wok.
You know the ramifications of messing with a good thing! Yeah! I know some really crazy good results. Changing the norm was a good thing!

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