Friday, March 14, 2008

Brunch delectables.

Sure I can dream of tropical beaches in this very frigid conditions a glass that is! No reason not to have a party.

I am soooooooo! not a morning person! Every " so now and again" I have to spice up my morning with my " eternally alpine" smoothie ( Alpine indicative of up north and has boiled and blended almonds and pineapple as the more prominent ingredients ( hence the name) and also coconut milk, papaya, pineapple juice , banana, passion fruit and peaches ) and delectable filled pancakes ( which has mascarpone, strawberries, bananas etc....) I will either make one or the other never both on the same day because these are filling. When I have to cater a breakfast and people see these pancakes, they tell me that they never want to go back to boring, old doughnuts again!

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Peter said...

Hi Nazarina

Thank you so much for the delicious pastries that you brought me today. I've had a few so far and did not offer any to the people at work. All mine :)

You have a wonderful talent for writing I am sure that you will be published on daywith your own cookbook volumes. There are magazines out there who would appreciate your talents. You put great enthusiasm in your style.

I love the photo of you and Dusty. Look forward to seeing you in the store again.

Thank you again for the pastries it was a wonderful surprise.

From Borders