Monday, March 9, 2009

Drinks are on the house and definitely no designated drivers needed!!

Greetings everyone!

Happy birthday Galiema!!!!!
Happy birthday Takoa!!!!

Sorry for my absence! I hope I can make it up with this labor of "drinkin" love.

Virgin drinks are not exactly every one's idea of a good time but mine sure spells "Let's get this party started." I mixed several organic fresh fruity flavors to keep it 'serious' and for some silliness, I added a splash of fizz from my sexy red" carbonizer."
Intoxication over at my house only means that you will be high on life. Not only will these non- intoxicated beauties entice you but my "bar aesthetics" sure will thrill you. So come on over and join in on this "wet your whistle" nostalgia, boogie until dawn and still leave in the morning with your good name in tact! LOL!

Groete Suid Afrikaners!

Alhoewel, hierdie drankies nie vir n' skemer partytjie is nie, sal dit nogtans n' indruk maak op jou gaste . Met n' bietjie karbonering en vars organiese vrugte sal jy groot sukses behaal met hierdie drank resepte. Jy hoef ook nie jouself bekommer oor gaste wat sal besope raak nie en daarom is aangewyse persone ook nie verpligtend om gaste huis toe te ry nie.
Kom ons jolyt en geniet asseblief!

"Seedless raspberry and coconut cream dream"

This is listed first because it was my ultimate favorite!
What a drink!!!! This dreamy concoction will envelop
your taste buds and melt all your inhibitions!!!

Puree 6-8oz of fresh organic raspberries and then
strain to remove the seeds. Blend with quarter cup
of pineapple juice and some ice.

For the coconut part of the drink, blend 1 cup of coconut milk,
1 teaspoon coconut extract, 1 teaspoon of banana smoothie powder,
quarter cup of organic rice milk or you can use dairy and some ice. I
added a half of a cup of premium coconut ice cream as well( optional).

Banana and dark chocolate milkshake

Blend half cup of premium chocolate ice cream with
1 cup of organic milk, some ice and for the banana part of the
shake: blend 1 banana, 2 teaspoons of banana smoothie
powder, quarter cup of coconut milk and quarter cup
of organic rice milk( you can use dairy) and some ice.
Garnish with a Flake chocolate.

Click on this pic.

Lychee and Asian pear( or Bosc pear if you so please!)
Ostentatiously Oriental! Lychees have a subtle and fragrantly
sweet taste and also contains a significant amount of vitamin C.

Freeze some lychees for the garnish ( I used the canned variety).
You can of course use the fresh ones if you are lucky enough to have
them in season. Blend 1 cup of lychees and some of the juice,
1 small Asian pear(peeled and cored), quarter cup of coconut milk,
quarter cup of pineapple juice half cup of ice and top it off with a splash
of Australian ginger beer.

Place some of the frozen lychees in the bottom of your glass and enjoy!
I drank both of these all by myself. I dipped the fortune cookies in dark
chocolate and sprinkled them with white nonpareils as a garnish!

Virgin party drinks Click on title for all these recipes!

The orange drink is my " lilikoitizer" Hellooooo Hawaii,
the two tone drink is a strawberry and mango coconut concoction
and the red drink is a Pom( pomtizer)

These are premium virgin drink mixes( blueberry, mango,
lime, pomegranate and cranberry). Add the seltzer and
you are all set! They are a little tart and fizzy!! Just freeze
some ice cubes in a mold for some added whimsy.

No drink will be complete without some kind of a nut!!!

Mix together 1 cup each chopped chili mangoes, roasted
cashews ( and freeze dried cherries and blueberries.
My idea of a trail mix!!!

Cashews roasted in a 350 degree oven for 15 mins.
or until golden, with organic agave honey, a little organic olive oil,
a splash of fresh orange juice and a sprinkle of sweet pickle masala
( just like the sweet Hungarian paprika)

My sexy" carbonizer"

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I received this award from Yasmeen.
Thank you so much! I love your blog too!

I received this sweet award from MaryBeth.
Thank you! I feel the same way about you too!

I would love to pay these two awards forward to everyone that commented and also visited my blog!

click here for more virgin drinks

and here for cool garnishes for fruity virgin iced tea!


Anonymous said...

I sure missed you, the drinks look spectacular! I love your rimming techniques! Yum... I am a huge Shirley temple drink fan..

Vegetation said...

Wow, wow and more wow! Yay for drink free drinking :D

I especially love your Seedless Raspberry and Coconut Cream Dream! SO pretty and sounds SO delicious.

Ning said...

Wonderful photos as usual! Hubby would enjoy these drinks!

Sally said...

And I will have one of everything please.LOL.

Sara said...

Wow, all of those drinks look amazing - I can't decide which one I like best!

Anonymous said...

I love non-alcoholic drinks! All of your creations are amazing! Seedless Raspberry and Coconut Cream Dream sounds especially good. And gorgeous pictures too!

Dawn said...

that banana chocolate drink has my name alllll over it.
I will have to give those cashews a try, never heard of them that way, but I love it.
How are you doing? Is it becoming spring-like where you are?

n33ma said...

wonderful photos.missed your posts Gurl!Love the banana and dark chocolate one.....

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

These drinks are mighty gorgeous! I'm sure I'd love them all! Partying at your place must be really entertaining and fun!



Elra said...

Gosh I can't live without my carbonizer, I only drink sparkling water, or else I couldn't swallow it.

Wow, look at all of those drink you made, you are such a pro. They look very tempting for sure.

kimvee said...

WOW! That banana & chocolate milkshake looks delicious! I could go for something like that right now :P

Colleen said...

These all look delicious! And perfect for my pregnant friends!

Sophie said...

MMMMMM.... how lovely & tasty looking apéritives!!! Thanks!! Congrats on the awards!!!

Bunny said...

Your drinks sound and wonderful! These will be soooo good when the weather starts to get warm here, hopefully soon!

Teresa Cordero Cordell said...

I'll take one strawberry / mango drink please. I can taste it now. Your photos are beautiful. You are such an artist!

jesse said...

Hahaha, WOOOOW, I would totally choose any of your virgin drinks over alcoholic ones any day! These are total gems!

Ashley said...

Thank you so much for posting so many gorgeous virgin drinks! I have such a hard time finding them. I'm throwing a luau for my daughter's first birthday party, and some of these will be perfect!

Pam said...

They all look amazing but the raspberry coconut dream is calling my name.

ochikeron said...

Hi nazarina!

I really love your presentation, your picturesque style!!! I think you are a real artist. You know how to entertain people.

The red bling-bling dish is nice! I love it!!!

Wow! Lubna's project sounds interesting! You are an outgoing person. I need to check it out ;)

Selba said...

Wow.. beautiful drinks! I would love to take a sip of each drinks! *slurps*

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

Gorgeous range of cocktails! I'll take one of each. Love the red diamante tray too! :)

Dibs said...

Toooo much! How I wish I we lived in the same city, and I could taste all these lovely drinks for my b'day!! Awesome!!!

Couture Carrie said...

Congrats on your awards, Nazarina!

That rasperry bev looks divine!


Jo A. T.B. said...

Hello Nazarina,

Beautiful drinks, and I'm sure to love all of them. We drink a lot of smoothies around here, but our blender just broke!

I can see how your blog can consume your life, you put a lot of effort and time into it! Photos are wonderful, and display your work in a professional way!

I forgot to tell you in your last post, I loved the pictures of your cats. Your Oscar reminds me of my OP, same demeanor and lounging techniques! They both have that soft white fur down the center of their bellies, like rabbit fur! Too cute, all your cats were cute!
Take care sweet friend! Hugs!

Reeni♥ said...

Their all so gorgeous!! I'm ready to lie on the beach with my toes in the sand and revel in those drinks all day!

Bre said...

Thnks you SO much for your sweet comments !! .....they made me smile.

...and I would be the lucky one if you were my neighbour LOL ! Your drinks, unique dishes and hospitality all sound divine !

I can't wait to try the Raspberry cocanut dream banana smoothie powder something special ?

Cheers and please visit again !


Nazarina A said...

Thanks everyone for your thoughts, I certainly would enjoy playing "bar maid" to all your requests!!!

The banana smoothie powder is normally next to the fresh bananas in the produce department, at least here in my store.

Sagan said...

Any drinks that look that good have GOT to taste equally fantastic! Mmm cashews. Congrats on the awards!

Stina Inc said...

I am constantly amazed by your posts! You never cease to come up with new amazing recipes and innovative ways to present them! Thanks for the good read!

Grace said...

this post easily contains the highest number of the most amazing drinks i've ever seen on a blog. yep, they all sound great, but truly, your coconut cream dream sounds unbeatable. :)

Tangled Noodle said...

I'm intoxicated by the gorgeousness of these drinks! Each one looks so marvelous and all the best flavors of fruits, coconut and chocolate are represented. Lovely!

Premyscakes said...

Amazing, i appreciate your work man.

Donna-FFW said...

HOLY COW!! Do these ever look so delicious! I dont know where to begin.. So beautiful.

Cynthia said...

I want to come to this party!

Congrats on the award!

Anonymous said...

Hi Naz... oh goodness thank you so much for our comment.. would you know that when we bought our new condo I felt like I was moving into the Ritz... lol

Madhumathi said...

Hi first time here..Came from food fanatic's post..You are really talented and there is lot to learn from you..

Olga said...

omg, those drinks look amazing! I'd love one right now with a shot of something in it :)

and you are using russian dishes for the nuts!!!

Nila Rosa said...

I wish I was at this party! Everything looks so pretty.
Love your avatar too. :)

I agree with your comment about food network. Once upon a time, they showcased all of those things which really inspired people to cook and now they have become sort of a joke.(in my opinion) I hope they start going back to being the FOOD network and not turn into MTV.

Yasmeen said...

I'll go head over heels for such enticing drinks!

Soma said...

Oh WOW what a display! & u have done such absolutley tempting ombinations. LOve the raspberry cocononut. & as usual just looking & looking at the pictures.

Loved it.. high on life .. not drink!

Burp and Slurp~! said...

omg, everything looks so YUM! I want a HUGE glass of the lychee and asian pear, please!

MaryBeth said...

You have out done your self again honey....


"Seedless raspberry and coconut cream dream" OH Yummy
...LOvE this post Nazarine(:)
YOU are so talented..and I thank you for your sweet words you left behind for me ..(:)
Hope you have a wonderful day..

Sonal said...

woowww!! every single drink looks amazing. great presentation as usual :).

Vaala said...

Your banana and dark chocolate milkshake sounds (and looks) divine. I think I'm going to have to make a vegan version of this one - does it matter if you don't have banana smoothie powder?

Lucy said...

Don't know which to choose... OK I can't.. one of each, please..

Live.Love.Eat said...

Wow, these look spectacular! The chocolate one looks outrageous and I love your little note there. As always, you amaze me.

Selba said...

Hi.. please pick up your award here :)

Sophie said...

Congrats on your well deserved awards!!! Those drinks look so yummie!!! Wow!!! I don't think that I can choose!!!

Kitchen Flavours said...

Hi I just dropped a mail. Check out.

girlichef said...

wow...I just found your blog- and I love it! so excited to read more :)

kimvee said...

Ohmygoodness! This is making me crave for a cocktail :)

Premyscakes said...

yummy! where r u? missing your yummy treats.

Priti said...

Wow..mind blowing pics...just do you mange tht if I can ask tht ;) the drinks too and the nuts..

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

You must have the best cocktail parties at your house! And I love how you balanced the glasses too! :P

Bradpetehoops said...

All of the meals are delisyoso!