Thursday, July 10, 2008

Celebrating Independence day with a product from "Down Under"

Ginger beer floats with my quick berry sorbet stars
and homemade ice cream

I love when the berry sorbet starts to melt
into the ice cream. The fruity flavor cuts
through the creaminess of the ice cream

Floats! who can resist them? I love the ginger beer float with my home made ice cream and the intense fresh raspberry sorbet that I have made in these cute ice trays obtainable from Target and is just a mere buck! It is only raspberries, strawberries and blueberries pureed with a little lemon juice and organic sugar crystals( no cooking involved) , then put through a sieve and frozen and this ginger beer float is a quick little drink to serve on a hot 4th of July weekend or on any other hot summer's day.
This ginger beer is available at Cost Plus and check out this link for my home made ice cream.

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Anonymous said...

Love the sorbet stars, great idea to put them in those cute molds! And you can never go wrong with floats.

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