Monday, July 14, 2008

"Boerewors"( South African sausage), peri peri spice chips

Boerewors, homemade chips and Mrs Balls bladjang! Yummmmeeeeeee!!!

Boerewors sausage, egg and homemade barbecue sauce on a bread roll.

I make this boerewors from scratch twice a year, (4Th of July and December). There is just too much work involved and when I do make it, it disappears right from under my nose. It is also a two day process for me and I use only 80/20 ground beef or turkey or sometimes even chicken.
I only make about 8lbs a time because that is what my biggest bowl can hold. Homemade sausage rolls, paella, quiche are amongst the other dishes I make with sausage (I will show these in future posts).
This Boerewors sausage is so tasty and does not have a lot of fat at all. The roasted flavorful veggies and all the fresh roasted spices that goes into the ground beef make the meat tender and superlatively scrumptious!

Oh! do not forget to dip the boerewors into the spicy and yet sweet apricot chutney( Mrs Balls bladjang) and the malt vinegar for the chips) this is a British fetish!

Nazarina A.


Mustacq said...

Hey girl! Jy’s darem to do ne. Nou wie kan die nooi klaar maak; die kos is grand and die die nooi is ook to do my bru. Jy het gevra dat ek in Afrikaans moet reply, ma ons is most vannie Kaap. Die blog is mos ‘out of this world’ sommer van Mars, dan is daar nog klomp lekker dinge om te eet, including kaas!

Jy het groot talent and ek is verseker jy sal sukses behaal in alles wat jy aan raak, Mag Allah jou bewaar om jou talente aan anders aflewer.


Dave said...

Ummm...,I will take some, do you ship in US?

Giddy Gastronome said...


This here place is my culinary playground and I shall play to the tune of anyone's appetite!!!!
Delivering baby!!! is not a problem!


Karen said...

Looks yummy. It certainly looks like a process which you probably put a lot of love into. But I guess that's what makes it taste even better.

My knowledge of South African cuisine is limited, so I was happy to learn something new. In Brooklyn, NY where I live, I only know of one South African restaurant where I had dinner a while back. They had the best fresh mango juice and homemade bread I've had in a long time!

Anyway thanks for sharing. Delicious post.

White Horse said...

Hi there,

This sounds & looks very good, but I don't see the recipe, and the last photo shows me just a blank box with a red sqared X. I's love the recipe, if you can send it!
Thanks, Curtis