Monday, May 5, 2008

Ground turkey timbales with a hoisin and Mrs Balls chutney sauce

Mmmmmm good! This is a party in your mouth with all the different flavors and textures.This hoisin sauce is fruity, a little spicy and very smooth. It reminds me of dark onyx!It has hoisin , sesame oil, and orange juice and Mrs Balls bladjang. These ground turkey timbales and everything for that matter was baked until golden brown and delicious. As you can see I ladled the hoisin sauce over the turkey and the mushrooms. The mushrooms are stuffed with a red bell pepper, kalonji( onion seeds, my new found love), garlic, tarragon panko mixture and the chips are coated in that same panko mixture and then baked.


Please e-mail me for the recipe


Cheryl Shishkoff said...

The food on your blog looks really delicious and savory. I wish you lived in NY I would love to have you cater my daughters wedding shower.

I really love your story about growing up in South Africa. I was born and raised on Long Island New York and have not really been too far away from home.So we share a few common interest. I too love to cook and bake. Cookies are my forte' (thus the cookiedoll name) I also collect dolls amongst other things. We also share a love for Martha Stewart. My husband got us tickets to her show and what great fun it was. I got picked to ask a question for the 'ask Martha' segment, and was also asked to whip up egg whites for chef Jamie Oliver. You can view it on her website. Just key in a search for Jamie Oliver and you can watch the whole show.(or each segment seperately) It was monday Nov 26. Check it out!!! Listen!! If you ever want to visit NY let us know! We will take you to a Martha Stewart show. and any broadway show! We love shows. We love NY, although my husband and son are hockey fans and love the Colorado Avalanche, their Islander fans too

Cheryl said...

I must say!! My mouth is watering looking at this photo. I love ground turkey. I use it in place of beef for everything, meatloaf, meatballs, hamburgers, tacos etc.. Wow!!