Thursday, May 1, 2008

Brioche: This is not in the south of France!

Pictures from the book "This is Cape Town" by David Biggs.

These are not the " salt lapping waves in the south of France but indeed the unprecedented salty sea frontier of a little country called South Africa".
Many a tranquil moment, I tend to envisage the days on the beach with my family and not forgetting those infamous picnic baskets that my Mom and Grandmother would so joyfully pack and excitedly hurry us all along for just a fun day. I still recollect the brown algae that I would so playfully throw back into the blue sea and not forgetting those stinging "blue bottles"( jelly fish) that would just ruin your day when you stepped onto one of them! South Africa has that innocent and yet a raw beauty that is only indicative of my native land!
Ahhhhh! I got so carried away by my memories that I forgot all about the brioche! This is a sweet bread with chocolate oozing out when you sink your teeth into it. It has a flaky texture, yet has a very soft crumb if you will. So, no, this chocolate brioche does not take me back to France where the brioche was "born" but it takes me back to where I was born and evidently the brioche has nothing to do with it LOL!
Please e-mail me for recipe!


arshad said...

who is that girl?

Cheryl said...

OMG!! That brioche Looks INCREDIBLE! I cant stand it!!I would love the recipe for my daughters shower!!!