Saturday, May 10, 2008

Beta carotene extreme cont.....

This soap has a sweet, clean almost woody aroma.

Carrot seed oil is extracted from the seed of the carrot and supposedly stimulates skin elasticity and this vitamin A also helps the skin function as a barrier to bacteria and viruses( according to Office of the Dietary National institute of Health). The ingredients are so luxurious and just loves the skin! It has goats milk, shea butter, vitamin E, carrot seed oil and a little coconut oil. Homemade soap has less of a lather than commercially produced soap and therefore less phosphates seeping into our water table, and ultimately this small step is actually good for the ecosystem. All of my soaps are freshly made and contains no alcohol that would otherwise dry out the skin. Commercially produced soap contains alcohol and many other chemicals to preserve the product, just in case it has to sit on the shelf.
On a lighter note, this is the one time your parents will tell you not to eat your carrots.
This display can be taken from chic to playful!
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Cheryl said...

Wow!!! Everything on this blog is fantastic!! I really love all the beta carotene stuff. The palm tree is very creative, great job! All the food looks so healthy and delicious. Everything is so beautifully presented!!! The homemade soaps are amazing. Better for your skin and better for the environment!! Love it all! Cheryl:)