Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A man and his garden

The only other man I knew that was so passionate about a garden was my Dad. Now I see this same love for nature in my husband. From small beginnings, where the seeds are sown to enjoying the fruits of his labor. Last summer alone he planted eight hazelnut trees. We live off this garden every summer. The winters are far too harsh for anything to survive so we transfer the whole "kit and kaboodle" to our sun room. The trees and other flora that has to stay outside normally bears the vicious onslaught of the snow and wind.
Lo and behold! when spring rolls around, signs of growth would feebly peek through the remnants of the soft snow and try to make its presence known, very much like me!

An organic garden:

This garden is absolutely organic! All the fruit and vegetable wastes that come from my kitchen goes into this garden and even eggshells all serve as compost. My husband waters this garden everyday with just a few drops and this tiny bit of moisture and his love and patience and not forgetting the sun is by far better than any chemical out there. Life is one fast roller coaster, so from time to time get off it and plant a few, because gardening will slow you" way the heck down".


These tomatoes are the bomb! They splatter in your face when you bite into them!

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Anonymous said...

Now thats what i call sustainable living. Are your produce organic?

By the way, love your soaps.
You sure are a woman with many talents.
You're a true inspiration.