Monday, March 3, 2008

Potato and tomato layer bakes

The unbaked version of a floury potato and tomato layer bakes.
The tomatoes and chives were sown and harvested by my husband with so much TLC. These tomatoes were the bomb! They were so juicy, so much so, that when you bit into it, it splattered all over your face! The tomato is by far my favorite, but then again I cannot be trusted because I am a slut.....a food slut that is! I cannot be faithful to just one man, I mean, vegetable.
This dish was a labor of love, the stacking of all the layers was laborious but then I always say that nothing is worth having without a little bit of effort and a culinary vision!

The end result was nothing short of my expectations - It was crispy, golden brown and oh! so .................satisfying!
Sorry! you are most probably saying, "where are the tomatoes?" My response," it was devoured before I could take a picture of one measly wedge. So you are just going to have to trust me!


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Washiela said...

Your goodies are amazing. If and when I come for visit I will have to starve myself for at least a month. ha.ha.