Thursday, March 6, 2008

Malaysian curry cottage pie

The little red polka dots on the cucumbers are sambal oelek( short, intermittent pangs of spicy pleasure !

Comfort food that will heat up any cold soul!

My onions are always caramelized before I add the chopped tomato, garlic and ginger. My garam masala mixture which consists of whole seeds that are roasted in the oven and then grounded eg. cumin, coriander, fennel, mustard seed, fenugreek, black pepper corns, methi seed and a little aniseed. The turmeric, masala and the cilantro are added and this lean ground beef curry mixture will gently cook until the gravy is rich and the meat tender!
The mash on top has to be creamy and golden brown. Normally one would serve kachoomer with this, but I wanted the cucumber salad with the guacamole hidden in the tomato instead.

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