Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Baby soap

My passion for soap-making is indescribable. Yes I am actually at a loss for words. Hard to believe is it not? I could "potter around" in my studio for hours making all these different designs and I never tire. I have several different kinds of essential oils, butters and fragrances and still adding to the collection. Homemade soap is by far a good thing!


Jennifer said...

Hello Nazarina -

It is good to hear from you - and your cupcakes look fabulous. And as always your soaps are gorgeous. Do you sell them or just give them as beautiful hand-made gifts?

I agree, a little culinary exaggeration never hurt anyone - if only more people could bring about world peace with their baking.

Take care

Anonymous said...

Hi Nazarina,
I love what you have done with the soaps, very cute.
wishing you the best.

n33ma said...

Wow ur so good at this.......can easily see your tremendous passion.

Nachiketa said...

Your blog is just WONDERFULLLLLLL..... I really enjoyed browsing thru it....

This post is so creative and the soaps look fabulous....

The Variable - Nachiketa