Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Makowiec( Polish coffee bread)

This may look like a familiar " ciastko kawowe" ( coffee bread) to you, but it in actuality it is very Polish. I learned how to make this yeast bread with a poppy seed filling and almonds because my husband is Polish and grew up with this delicacy. I do not make it too often, but when I do, he always says that he ( MIL'OS'E') loves it more than the one in Poland.
Do you think that he is only saying this because he would very much love to eat well for the rest of his life? You decide! LOL!

This segment is for you and your parents and the nostalgia of Poland !


Makowitch------- 3 c organic white bread flour.

½ teasp. Kosher salt

2 tablespoons Bakers sugar ( fine sugar)

2 pkts. Active dry Fleischmann’s yeast

½ c lukewarm milk + ¼ c lukewarm milk

1 egg lightly beaten

¼ c melted unsalted butter.

Flaked almonds

For the filling: 1 can ready poppy seed filling (bought at Target)

¼ c butter

½ c raisins

1 pkt sunmaid fruit bits

½ c ground almonds

½ teasp ground cinnamon

For the icing 1 c powdered sugar

1 tables. Lemon juice fresh

3 teasp. H2O

Method: cream the yeast by mixing with the lukewarm milk and the 1 tablesp. bakers sugar and let sit until you see the bubbles and frothy mixture. Sift flour, salt and place in the kitchen aid, add the remaining 1 tablesp. Bakers sugar, and mix on low with dough hook. add egg and melted butter, and the add the yeast mixture. I normally knead right in the kitchen aid for 10 mins with the dough hook of course. Let rise for 1- 11/2 until double in a lightly oiled bowl. Cover with clear oiled film and a cloth. Meanwhile for the filling dump the poppy seed filling, the butter into a saucepan and cook 2 mins. until loose consistency, remove from heat and add the rest of ingredients and then cool. Knock back dough and roll out into big rectangle on a floured surface. Spread the filling onto dough within ¾ inch of the edges. Roll up the dough, starting by the long edge, tucking in the edges to seal. Place seam side down onto lightly greased baking sheet. Cover and leave to rise for 30 mins.or until double. Bake in preheat. Oven 375 degrees for 30 mins or until golden. Warm the ingredients of the icing gently and decorate like I did in the picture.


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