Saturday, March 29, 2008

Birds custard( pudding)

Hurrah! to the English for coming up with pudding. No need for a stiff upper lip here to enjoy that silky, smooth texture, just dig in and satisfy your salivation. Pudding will remain unostentatious but showy enough to compete with the creme brulee any day. This modest creation is comforting enough for a mere peasant to a pope!
Ladyfingers, birds custard, milk, vanilla, cream and chocolate are all the ingredients you need to make this smashing dessert.

This was my very first recipe that I "made up" years ago and people always want me to make it above all the other complicated dessets.

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Lynn said...

You are too funny--you could be a writer! you ARE a writer! and a chef and soap maker! wow! they look so good. I love dessert...and speaking of "making up"
something...yesterday I was cooking for our monthly birthday lunch at the office. I was doing the sweets as always...made a traditional cheesecake with carmel and chocolate swirled on top and then had a brainstorm! how about a thinner than usual layer of brownie with a thinner than usual batch of rice krispie treats on top!? and so I baked the brownie in a little larger pan and topped with the rice krispie treats and swirled chocolate on top of that! they loved them! not as lovely as the puddings! :) keep cooking! lynn