Sunday, September 14, 2008

My little escape!

I needed a little "girlie hangout", a place that I could call my domain, so my sweetie built this studio from the ground up and built the long soap table from reclaimed wood. This man is so amazing and talented and suprises me everyday!

This studio is my spiritual refuge, where I make my soaps and other crafts and also turn the music up 10,000 decibels! I do make lots of natural soaps for just about any occasion and in order to push out the big orders, "trance, techno and rock" inspires me to do so!
My latest loves: "Why work when you can play" by Jonas Steur, "fame, Strawberry Fields" by Estiva, "Redemption" by Sophie Sugar etc.....This type of music really does move me.

Do you guys see the hot air balloon? It just missssssed my studio! ha! ha!

I loved going to college and working in the Finance cut throat world for a while, until I just got so nauseated with peoples' greed and then traded it all for this absolute sanctity! Was I sabbatically correct? I think so!

Nazarina A.


Reeni said...

You have met your match! Your husband is amazing too. Does your studio have heat? Brr. in the winter.
It's a lovely little studio for a lovely, talented lady!

Nazarina A said...

Yes I do have heat and he also installed a very complicated ceiling fan that sits in the attic part of the studio. I store all the soap ingredients in the attic and he also made a cute ladder to go up in the attic as well and to think that he is a computer consultant!

Cynthia said...

I am so jealous! :)