Monday, September 8, 2008

Livin La Vita Coca: "Can I lure you to the dark side?"

I was not going to post this because while piping the tiramisu and the chocolate mousse rosettes, it started to melt dangerously! To crown it all, when I removed the baked tart shell from the pan, it snapped in half ha! ha! My guests were already arriving and I had no time to do my magic patching, but I did indeed "glue it together" with the melted chocolate. Has this ever happened to you just before your guests arrived? Oh well I cannot always be perfect , so please just envision that the tart is to your satisfaction. My guests on the other hand polished off the tart in no time, while I took almost all morning making it! One of our guests, who is your regular comedian said that he felt extremely musical after eating this tart and he did however burst into song!

I consider myself an accomplished home cook who pretty much understand the essential chocolate tenet and that is to keep it as unadulterated as possible, but I always succumb to aberration because guess what I am not a purist! To me the world is my oyster but the sky not necessarily the limit. I have joined dark chocolate mousse and tiramisu together in holy matrimony and boy! oh boy! are they making sweet music together. If nothing else will, this dessert will lure you to the dark side, 70% dark that is!

The tart shell:
  • 1 c MacArthur's all purpose flour
  • pinch kosher salt
  • 1/3 c Dutch unsweetened cocoa
  • 1 stick unsalted European butter
  • 1/4 c organic sugar crystals
  • 1( Egg lands Best) egg
  • 2 t vanilla ( I love the one from Santo Domingo)
  • 3 T organic heavy cream
Cream butter and sugar together until fluffy. Add the egg and vanilla and mix again. This mixture should be a pale yellow color and sugar should be dissolved( 10 mins). Sift the dry ingredients and alternate by adding this and the cream to the egg mixture. Wrap in plastic and refrigerate for 1 hour. Roll out between 2 pieces of parchment and line a 13x31/2 inch tart pan with removable bottom. Prick the tart all over with fork so that the pastry does not bubble up. Bake in a preheated oven 350 degrees for twenty minutes.

The ganache:

Steam 1 cup heavy cream and add 2 t instant coffee granules . Break up a dark Lindt( 3.5 oz) and 3 oz milk choc and add the hot cream. Let stand for about 4 mins and then whisk until smooth.Use this to pipe your rosettes. Tip: Lay tiramisu and this ganache side by side on some plastic wrap, fold the plastic ends over one another and place in the piping bag. This will keep the piping bag clean.


I had some tiramisu left from the recipe (link above), so I decided to put it into the chocolate shell. Tip: Brush the tart with melted chocolate first, this will prevent the tart from getting soft because of the moisture of the tiramisu. Also set the tart in the refrigerator again in order for the tiramisu to set up in the tart shell. Pipe your rosettes and decorate with the guitars and the other musical instruments.

Musical Instruments:

Here you are going to have to use the bain-marie method( water bath) again to melt the chocolate and some cocoa butter and just pour into the molds and cool overnight in refrigerator. I buy the cocoa butter in bulk( Edible kind) which I also use in my soap creations. Or just make your own chocolate decorations.

All that work and gone in sixty....

Nazarina A.

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John Newman said...

That looks tasty, and absolutely fun. You're so creative!

Reeni said...

That is such a gorgeous piece of art! I love the guitars and the "livin la vita coca theme" so cute. I bet your guests were in heaven, isn't that sad when you put so much work into it and it disappears so fast it's as if it never was? I'm happy you shared with us and have the picture evidence that it did truly exist if only for a short time!

Carla said...

Actually, if we lived closer, I would so bake you a dozen meringues and bring them right over! I hope you feel better soon :)

Your Loving Son said...

You had me at chocolate!but how you combine food with your witty poetry is amazing.You an women with many skills,but do you know that just standing for me is what makes you truly amazing. The foodie is a bonus.

Sweetiepie said...

I love chocolate.How nice if I were one of your guest that night.The guitar is beautiful.

Michele said...

thank you so much for the lovely comment on my site! :-) Very beautiful chocolate tart. I just do not have the patience to make such delicate desserts. I wish that I did, but if anything started to go wrong I would be slapping it into a bowl and call it finished.

Ayesha said...

hi nazarina
my name is ayesha and i live in durban, south africa, i somehow came across your blog today and all i can say is wow!!! i absolutely love cooking and baking for family and friends& for me the essence lays to an extent in presentation as well!! i was wandering whether you would be interested in sharing recipes and ideas??? as diverse input always makes room for more innovations.
i have seen the divine strawberrry cske and other desert dreams that you have conjured

if theres anything from here that i can send to you etc to assist in you creating more inspirational creations for us let me know :)


Apples and Butter said...

Wow. You are so talented and you blow me away. I just don't know how you pull this off! Tiramisu and chocolate, such a great combo.

Manggy said...

Oh, you really make a supreme effort for your guests! It paid off, and quick thinking w/r/t the chocolate painting. I'm sure it was such a treat!