Thursday, August 14, 2008

"To acai or not to acai?"


Acai( pronounced ah sigh ee) is all the rage right now. Whenever I check my spam folder, there they are, a zillion e-mails about how one can lose 50lbs with pure acai berry. This berry is located in the Amazon rain forest in Brazil and is smaller and darker than a grape. It is also supposedly anti everything ie. inflammatory, bacterial, oxidant etc... Well I am not going to bore you with all the details because you can certainly Google it.
"Acai you certainly had me" at being a 100x more potent than goji, noni and mangosteen but whatever happened to variety?
I am definitely not going to pit the grape against the acai( no pun intended). I shall continue to partake of all the berries in moderation. My middle name is not Mrs. Havisham( Great Expectations). LOL! By the way this was my favorite book in High school.
Pour a little grape juice or the one I have in the picture( A sparkling grapetiser) in the bottom of your pop sickle maker and add some cut and whole grapes. Set in the freezer for at least 4 hrs, pour your acai and pomegranate juice and set in the freezer for 10 mins. Position the stick and place back in freezer again, until set ( preferably overnight)
This " sucker"( what we call it in South Africa) was absolutely refreshing in this 100 degree weather !
* Please tell me how you acai? Comments welcome!
Nazarina Andrychow.

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