Sunday, July 6, 2008

Brown butter Naan Khatai (Indian shortbread) good enough to celebrate Independence Day!

The United States is truly a jamboree of dynamic cultures and it is this very diverse cuisine that should bring people closer together no matter what the ethnicity. So let us all abolish "xenofoodophobia" from our gastronomic vocabulary and let food unite all those unnecessary divisions!
Here, now, is my contribution to celebrate red, white and blue with a multi-cultural flair. Happy birthday America!

Brown butter Naan Khatai
Please use organic ingredients if possible!

3/4 c unsalted European butter ( 11/2 sticks). Melt in saucepan and brown, then skim off the solids that form on the top and use only the clarified portion. It takes about 20mins to brown on low heat. Do not burn! Cool and then place in refrigerator for 10 mins.

1/2 c superfine sugar.
1/4 t bicarbonate of soda ( baking soda)
1/4 t nutmeg
1 level t ground cardamom
2 c sifted King Arthur's all purpose flour.

Let the clarified brown butter come completely to room temp. and then beat together with the cardamom, nutmeg, bicarb and sugar until creamy( 7 mins) . Add the flour gradually to make soft dough. Shape into rounds ( teaspoonfuls) and flatten tops ever so slightly. Place on silpat on cookie tray and bake in a preheated 330 degree oven for 30 mins.
It is imperative to cool cookies considerably before removing from the sheet. It is extremely crumbly and delicate.

These cookies will not brown too much because the milk solids were removed from butter that causes the browning. They are absolutely intense and buttery and simply just melts in your mouth! A cup of tea would be a perfect accompaniment

I normally remove the cookies the next day from the cookie sheet and decorate this traditional cookie with pistachios, but the red and blue food color dots is in keeping with July 4Th celebrations. Makes about 15.


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Danica said...

These cookies look amazing! I bet they just melt in your mouth:) I love all of your Indian dishes! Very creative with the blue and red dots. You need your own Indian bakery! I would be your best customer!