Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Do you ever reminisce? your Grandmother's cookie bliss!

Old favorites that my Grandmother used to make. A crispy fresh coconut cookie which was so coconutty and d.... good and a cookie called an Essie( with strong overtones of elachi(cardamon). I tried to recreate the Essie, but I do not think that I have done this cookie justice. It was good but it did not come from her hand!

Hout Bay is where I remembered my Grandparents getting that really good fish from called Snoek. Oh my gosh! I wish I had a piece of smoked snoek and a slice of crushed wheat bread! I cannot stop thinking about them. I wish I wish............


Riyaana said...

Wow...the cookie with cherry slice on top is definitely taking me back...old school cookie!!!

Cheryl said...

All these cookies look really tasty! luv em!!