Sunday, April 27, 2008

Soap for a particular profession.

These are soaps I made for a nurse and a ballerina. People love these in their bathrooms. They put them in apothecary jars with natural sea sponges.


Riyaana said...

Can these be shipped or will they melt? I have a close friend back in Gainesville (ballerina) who would LOVE these. Let me know...THANKYA

Cheryl said...

I really love these!!! I have always wanted to make homemade soap for gifts (and me). You have inspired me. Im going out today for supplies!!!!!

Nazarina said...

Hi everyone,
Thank you kindly for all your comments!
My soaps do not melt and they are the best gifts to ship near and afar without the worry of it being damaged.They are inexpensive and people always are delighted with them so much that they do not want to use them! Little do they know that my soaps are actually good for the skin.