Sunday, March 2, 2008

Nazarina and E

My sweetie & I

What more could a girl ask for ! A loving husband that loves and supports me in all that I do!

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Sadieka said...


Thank you for your prompt response.

Arshaad resembles you.

You have'nt aged one bit,not a grey hair in sight,what's the secret?
You look great!!!
Nurie also looks the same,I assume that the handsome guy is Muzapher.

When are you coming to visit?Really looking forward to that long overdue visit.

How is your dad doing?




I can see why you looking good,you got a real hunk by your side,please send me some of that stuff,I do have a very wild imagination,it oftens runs away.

My computer crashed with all my pictures,'will have to download some for you.

You have a very good looking family,mother's genes I presume!!!!!!!

Your dad is also still very good looking,I know it's hard to encourage him to take a wife,same happened when my mom got married,but hulle het ook nog gevoelentyd,wie kan vir lus keer!!!!!!!!1

Looking very forward to your visit,can't come to Colorado yet,maybe if there's a conference or an exchange programme @ a University in Colorado,I will apply.

Give my salaam to everyone back home,how is Ebrahim?

Warm Regards