Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bridal soap favors

These bridal soaps has a lot of detail. Brides and bridesmaids love this quaint little gift!

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Molly said...


I am so proud that I can say I knew you when--because I think one day your line of soaps, candles, creams and anything else you create will be famous!!! You will be rich and famous if you stick to this. Your stuff is beautiful (the pictures are excellent!!). If I had money I'd be shopping your stuff to no end!!! I really believe you have the touch (and touch of class!) and you will make a success out of it!! If there is anyway I can help you--I'm there!!

Just an idea, but you can still donate stuff to channel six--if it's under $100 it will just be on the web site If it's $100 or over it would be on web site and over the air on t.v. Just a thought and you can use it as a write-off on taxes. Just another way to get your name out their!!!

I look forward to seeing you on the 28th. Please be there it will be fun I promise!!!