Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tomatillo and guacamole mojo with baked garlic shrimp

If you make this........he or she will succumb!!!

I made this dish with the intention of transporting the diner........right under my spell! It sure moved him and me as well ! The mojo was spot on!

The tomatillos were roasted with garlic, cooled and then mixed into the guac. The shrimp was tossed with spices, panko, lemon and chopped cilantro and baked to perfection!

Toss panko breadcrumbs with some olive oil, parmesan and toast in oven until golden about 8 mins. Raise oven to to 400 degrees and toss the shrimp with lemon j, garlic, cilantro . Add this to the breadcrumbs and spread out on the baking sheet and bake 10 mins!

Nazarina A

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Anonymous said...

Food looks delish but not on that plate.